The Business

The Business.jpg

 Pat O'Farrell, Tommy Moore, Don Baker, Fran Breen, Errol Walsh

"The Business"  began as an odd kind of inheritance. Paul Brady had found a lot of interest in the USA after the release of his first rock album "Hard Station" and went to America for a few months to pursue that potential. He wanted someone to front his band in his absence and to keep it tight and working steadily. Paul's time in the US stretched out longer than expected as his career took off in other directions and a few of the band at home drifted off to pursue other interests for themselves.

The original "Business" line-up was myself, Jimmy Faulkner RIP (guitar); Fran Breen (drums), James Delaney (keys), and Tommy Moore (bass/vocals).

As the band was initially a temporary arrangement we didn't record anything... but we built a great and loyal following in the funky Slattery's of Capel St. with a fairly eclectic mix of country, rock, blues and even a few Jimmy Cliff songs! 


Eventually blues guitarist Pat O'Farrell replaced Jimmy Faulkner, Davy Gaynor replaced Fran Breen who moved to Nashville to play drums with Nanci Griffith, Lucinda Williams, and Iris DeMent amongst others. 
Don Baker joined the band on harmonica/vocals and later on Davy Whyte replaced Davy Gaynor.  As time went on the band fell very much into a straight ahead blues vibe.... and I moved on soon after that.

A great thoroughbred band, the Business maintained their weekly residency in Slattery's for the best part of 20 years!