You been talking in your sleep

Oh my sweet Marie

You been talking, honey-talking

But honey you ain’t talking to me

Late at night, when the moon is bright

And the midnight oil is burning

I can hear you calling out

Tossing and a-turning


So who you talking to Marie?

Does he think you're special?

Does he know the nature of your love is superficial?

That you won't stay round long enough

To reap what you been sowing

Only long enough to check

Which way the wind is blowing


Oh Marie, sweet Marie, you as sweet as candy

Why don't you just stay a while and lay some loving on me


Sweet Marie , sweet Marie

I wish you could stay longer

Oh Marie, sweet Marie, you satisfy my hunger

But you just like a honey bee

And me, I'm like a flower

And you just come and go Marie

Just like a summer shower

© Errol Walsh