Written by

Errol Walsh

It's cold outside ...Lord I hate to see the summer go 
I just can't stand to see the whole world covered up with snow 
So around about fall, down south is where I want to go 
Believe me when I tell you, I hate winter 

I like walking round mornings in nothing but an old t-shirt 
Watch the girls parade around town in their short, short skirts 
I like skin that's brown from the sun 
I like cherry red leather in the back seat fun 
And driving round town in my car with that old rag-top down 

'Cos I love sunshine, I hate to see the summer go 
I can't thank the lord enough for not making me an eskimo 
I never want to see a polar bear 
A silver fox or an arctic hare 
Man wild horses wouldn't drag me there... y'see..  I hate winter 

Now the only kind of frost that I ever want to see is on a birthday cake 
Yeah and ice is good for crushing down with liquor for a cocktail shake 
And icicles are twicicles as nicicicles pictured on an old postcard 
But I don't want to see 'em not here in my back yard 

So when it freezes outside & the car won't start 
And that icy cold finger lingers on your heart 
And the long-range forecast on the T.V. says it looks like snow 
That’s when I'm packing my bags and my suntan oil 
I'm heading off looking for some sun-kissed soil 
Where peaches might grow 
Maybe somewhere like Mexico 
Anywhere baby where the cold wind don't blow 
'Cos I hate winter....... Brrrrrrr!