The John Dinny Waltz

Written by

Errol Walsh/Ted Ponsonby

On the far side of town

As the lights flicker out

And the stars burn like white coals

On a hot summer night

A young girl sighs softly

As she slumbers & dreams

Of a shy young man’s smile

And just what it might mean

They first spied each other

‘Cross a hard-wood dance floor

Like two stranded lovers on opposite shores

Her smile said ‘come take me

But don’t play me false’

As the band opened up with

The John Dinny Waltz

They clung to each other

And they danced cheek to cheek

And a spark flew between them

Though not a word did they speak

Lost in each other

As the whole world stood still

Their hearts beat like thunder

As they savoured the thrill

And as they closed their eyes tightly

And swayed back & forth

They fell in love to the strains of

The John Dinny Waltz