The Backslider's Waltz

Written by

Errol Walsh

Well, there's backslider's whisky and there's backslider's wine

It's the devil's own choice, when you're walking that line

And it's anyone's guess if you will or you won't

But you're damned if you do and you're damned if you don't


I'm slipping & sliding back down the hill

This old clean life I'm living is killing me still

So I'm stocked up on 'settlers' and seltzers and salts

And I'm clearing my throat for the backslider's waltz


Yeah.. I'm singing the backslider's waltz

So set 'em up joe, two beers and two malts

And join me one time on the backslider's waltz


So I'm here on this barstool,  a tear in my eye

Some old song on the jukebox is making me cry

Jack daniels is beating a drum in my head

And I know I'm alive 'cos I wish I was dead


And the band played the backslider's waltz.