Teardrops At The Happy Cup Cafe

Written by

Errol Walsh/Garry Burns

He orders coffee... she pours iced tea

Her mind is somewhere else, she wishes she could be

He can see she's broken... it's right there in her eyes

I'm sorry sir, she says to him as she begins to cry
I shouldn't be here, not today
Shedding teardrops at the Happy Cup Cafe
I did my best... I thought he knew
Where did I go wrong?... what did I do to make him blue?
I wish I knew

She reminds him of a girl he left behind

Many years ago, once upon a time

How he turned his back... how he walked away

Afraid to go but even more afraid to stay
He'd dreamed of freedom, not knowing what it means

So he threw the dice and sacrificed all they might have been
Foolish boy... he loved that girl

Foolish foolish boy

The waitress sits beside him... he lights her cigarette
Takes her hand and looks her in the eye
He tells her sometimes that's just the way it goes
Young men can be such fools, heaven only knows
But when they're older... and wiser
And maybe look a lot like me
They'll find themselves alone just trying to while the time away

Choking back the teardrops in the Happy Cup Cafe
Regrets? We had a few.. sweetheart me and you
And today is just the kind of day

For drinking coffee.... in the Happy Cup Cafe

For drinking coffee.... in the Happy Cup Cafe