Written by

Errol Walsh

It's been a while since I was seventeen

And I don't think much about ‘old used to be's

But now and then it all comes back to me

Like a pain and then I see your face again

I got your message from a friend today

Surprised to hear you say you're coming over

I read your words and fell into a dream

How long it's been since we were lovers

But you can't pick up the past

When time has healed the old wounds over

And yesterday has grown into today

And you have to face the truth

It's no use starting over

With the same old song and nothing new to say

It's over's really over

The threads that bound us then

Have long ago been broken

The hopes and dreams we shared are past & gone

If I could do it all again I wouldn't change a moment

But it's over's all over's really over

I cast my memory back to another time

When we were young and all the world was fine, so fine

When you and I

We were seventeen

Just seventeen