Running Out Of Road

Written by

Errol Walsh/Rory Clements

When all that you got is a hammer
Every problem starts to look just like a nail
And when that don’t work out right
And you still can’t see the light
Could be you’re headed down a one way tunnel

When you’re down in a hole you got to stop digging
Forget about that hammer & that nail
What you need is a friend , not a shovel
You need somebody you can call to go your bail

But you’re running out of luck and you’re running out of time
You used up all your friends and you cleaned out all of mine
You been living 'a la mode' like you hit the mother-lode
Now seems to me my friend you’re running out of road

You’ve had friends you could number by the dozen
You’ve had women you could call on night or day
But you keep pushing on your luck
And this time you’ve come unstuck
And now my friend you’re running out of road

You’re out of’re out of time
You’re out of touch... you’re running blind
You’re out of step.... and you’re out of line
And finally you ran right out of road