Piece of String

Written by

Errol Walsh

I know, you been messing me round 
Yeah I heard, I heard it all round town

I wonder who is going to bring you down

How can, how can you look me in the eye? 
Honey how dare you sit right there and lie?
Well I guess you want to see me cry

So how far? How far do you wanna push this thing?
And honey how high? 
How high do you want to make me sing?
I heard you say… ‘how long's a piece of string?’

How long….  how long….  how long 
Just exactly how long…  
How long, how long's a piece of string?

Someday, when you're alone and blue
Yeah honey someday, it's all gonna dawn on you 
How much you pay for all the stuff that you do

Sweetheart, I hope

I hope you won’t be blue too long
Honey 'fore you can hear love's sweet, sweet song
But it won’t be me…. ‘cos honey I’ll be gone

How long, how long? 
Your lonely heart will sing?
How long, how long? 
Until true love will spring?
Well honey ask yourself 
How long's a piece of string?

How long….  how long….  how long 
Exactly… how long…  
How long, how long's a piece of string?