Laying My Heart On The Line

Written by

Errol Walsh

I don’t want to be the one to take you and then
You come back and tell me, you didn’t understand
‘Cos I aim to start out this time in the same way
As I mean to go on..
So let’s lay our cards out face up on the table
So we got nothing more to hide

I know it’s not the style, in these times we live in now, for things to last
They’ll squeeze you and drain you, say that it’s your fault for living too fast
But their way’s not my way, my heart’s not a highway,
Made out of concrete and stone
I guess I’m just old fashioned, but not without passion
I just don’t living all alone

I want it understood ‘cos this time my heart is on the line
I got no time for fooling round
I need someone to share my time
So love me or leave me, just don’t deceive me,
Darling believe me I haven’t got the time
For cheating or hurting, lying or flirting
‘Cos this time it’s certain, my heart is on the line