Deep Sea Diving

Written by

Errol Walsh

All alone in this prison

Deep in the still of the night

Wait by the window just watching

Praying for one ray of light

And the clock on the wall counts the hours that pass

Like a slow train that never quite ends

I'm a deep-sea diver

Going down slow with the pressure bends

& it's so cold

Whose is that voice I keep hearing

Why can't you show me your face

Why do my thoughts have no anchor

Hopelessly drifting in space

Here come the medicine man, with his medicine chest

Potions and chemical spells

Driving me down

Driving me down to this lonely hell

& it's so cold

I can't seem to keep my two feet on the ground

It's falling away from me now

I can't get a grip on what's going down

Somebody please won't you throw me a line

I'm going down, deep-sea diving

Going down, deep-sea diving

& it's so cold