The Grey Mare’s Tail

Plunges down from Lurig’s crown

To the green wooded slopes below

And through Doory, Barahooley and along to Toberwine

Is where the glen’s gabhair fiáin roam

In Glassmullen bluebells cover the ground

Midst the glorious bright yellow gorse

Its springtime again and my heart is on the mend 

In Glenariff, Queen of the Glens


From old Cloghcor to Redbay’s rolling shore

From forest to shining sea

The morning mist lies over fields of buttercups and clover

In the summer time

Sparkling in sunlight silver and gold

Through the green clad mountainside

The river sings a song of hearth and home

In Glenariff, Queen of the Glens


Where the autumn leaves can only be

Painted by God’s own hand

It steals my breath when I look out over yonder

Lost in wonder, it just steals my breath

Then when winter wraps her cold fingers round

Every creature and every tree

Silence falls and all the world is still

Under black velvet starlit sky


When my days are done and my mortal race is run

Let my soul be returned to the glen

Let my heart be at rest in the place that I love best

In Glenariff, Queen of the Glens


      © Errol Walsh & Rory Clements

N.B. For the benefit of those who are unfamiliar with the location or the Irish language:

1. The 'Grey Mare’s Tail' is a waterfall

2. 'Lurig' is the name of an escarpment which forms one side of Glenariff

3. "gabhair fiáin" is Irish for 'wild goats'