Through Your Eyes (CD)

Heartfelt thanks to my friends and sponsors Stephen and Lindy Watton, and Peter Mate for their generous support and to all my musical friends, inspirations and occasional co-writers who have made invaluable contributions to this album. 

Special thanks to Ted Ponsonby, Rod McVey, Gordon Murray, Dave Luke, 
Colin Henry and Stephen Quinn whose no-strings contributions were offered out of love and generosity. 

This album belongs as much to the producer and engineer Joe Murray as it does to me. His contributions to the making of it are too numerous to list and I'm eternally grateful for his friendship, generosity and endless patience. 

Recorded at "Sessions in the House" studio (Castledawson) run by Joe and Donna Murray. Joe Murray is a modest man.…slowly and quietly spoken and very dryly funny, hugely talented, highly artistic and deeply rooted in music. Joe married well to Donna, a kindred soul, earthy and warm of heart, similarly and equally endowed in mind, spirit, talent and ability, both of them lovers of life and inner beauty. Loved by all, and rightly so... kind to one another. 

Theirs is a home for lost kittens, loyal dogs, wild birds and musicians. 
An Island in a cruel sea, a shelter from the rain. An oasis In the desert, a refuge from the pain. This is the second album I've recorded here in Castledawson and both albums have been a sheer joy to make. Working here is a portrait of life in the most relaxed, easy going and pleasurable atmosphere imaginable. 

As the Scots say "ye cannae hurry a Murray" ….. they meant the 
famous mint of course... but Joe and Donna are mint in a different, more meaningful way. Working with the Murrays is a joyful voyage of discovery and I'm eternally grateful for such a rare opportunity to find and express myself through music and sound.


Errol Walsh: Vocals, acoustic & electric guitar 
Joe Murray: Bass, acoustic & electric guitar, drum programming 
Gordon Murray: Acoustic & electric guitar 
Rod McVey: Piano, Hammond organ 
Ted Ponsonby: Dobro, electric guitar, Hammond organ 
Niall Murphy: Fiddle 
Jonathan Milligan: Pedal steel 
Dave Luke: Mandolin, lap steel, acoustic guitar, harmonies 
Colin Henry: Dobro 
James Henry: Banjo 
Donna Murray: Harmonies 
Stephen Quinn: Percussion 
Pandy Walshe: Acoustic guitar, vocals on "Let's Go Round Again" 

Produced by Joe Murray & Errol Walsh 
Photography & Artwork by Donna Murray

Through Your Eyes (CD)