Paul McAteer  - Drums/Percussion

Paul describes his coming of age band experience as that of being in a band called Underriver which featured Dave "Mojo" Lennox (Keys) and the late Dave McHale (Sax) before joining Greg Boland in a later version of Supply, Demand and Curve. S D & C recorded an album which gave him a taste for the studio and an entry into the world of the session musician, playing on records, jingles and film soundtracks throughout the 80's.


He played alongside Tommy Moore on Johnny Logan's "Whats Another Year" and multiple other Bill Whelan productions.... including a prequel to Riverdance called "Timedance".

He played on numerous albums with Shaun Davey, including "The Brendan Voyage" which toured some interesting venues including The Sydney Opera House. He also toured and recorded with Freddie White band, Jimmy McCarthy, Mick Hanley, Paul Brady---"Crazy Dreams", Leo Sayer, David Essex, Sutherland Bros, Horslips---"Live with the Ulster Orchestra", Moving Hearts and interestingly with Sting who had some tracks on which he wanted to have real drums. On that session it was just Paul on drums and Sting on bass trying out some ideas in a very relaxed fashion. One of the tracks was called 'Demolition Man" which was later recorded by Grace Jones and The Police themselves on their Ghost in the Machine album.


Paul says "I have enjoyed playing and recording over the past number of years with singer Tommy Fleming who always has great players in his band and a loyal fan base to boot. I have also recently been playing some gigs with the band Metropolis which has been great and given me the opportunity to make a deeper connection with the music through regular playing together.

So with Stagalee I aim to get to the heart of what always matters most - The Groove!"