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Recorded 2016 at:

Joe Murray Sessions (Castledawson)


Sound Pool Studios (Letterkenny)

Track List

1.    Portstewart
2.    Start All Over Again 
3.    The John Dinny Waltz 
4.    Seventeen 
5.    Deep Sea Diving
6.    Long Way down
7.    Matchbox Billy
8.    Heavy on My Mind 
9.    Running out of Road
10.    Queen of the Glens
11.    My Old Shoes
12.    Somewhere in the Middle
13.    Loony Tune

Track List

Huntington's Disease Charity CD

Recorded in N. Ireland at
"No Sweat" (Coleraine) 2009

1. Gone to Hell

2. The Likes Of You

3. Sweet Marie

4. Wedding At Joshua Tree

5. Alternative Birthday Gifts

6. Shadows On The Ground

7. Rachael

8. The Ballad Of Billy Horton

9. I'm Ready

10. Just Another Border

11. Square Peg

12. We'll Get There Before It               Closes

Track List

       BCMA best album 1997
Recorded in London at Dave Gilmour's "Astoria" studio

1. Long Last Look

2. Crossroad Sign

3. You Play Too Rough

4. Piece of String

5. Glory Days

6. Time After Time

7. Fire In My Soul

8. Final Farewell

9. J'ai Besoin de Toi

Track List

Spirit of Antrim Award 1997
Recorded in Nashville USA 
at "Jay's Place" on 17th Ave.

1. Disconcerted, Dazzled & Dazed

2. The Loving Tree

3. Long As I Got My Gal

4. Waltzin' In The Water

5. Winter

6. I Will If You Will

7. She Don't Run As Fast As She             Used To

8. Time And Again

9. This Close To Heaven

10. Who's She Rockin' Tonight?

11. Troubled Times

12. Here We Are


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