When love is hot the world is on fire  

Shooting stars and flaming desire                   

& love can be sweet, there’s no denying   

Cool & deep and oh so satisfying

But when you go down to that well

You better watch out that you don’t drown

‘Cos when you fall in love it’s a long way down


Its easy to fall, it just takes one look

Then in no time at all

She can read you like a book

It’s a risky business

‘Cos in the twinkling of an eye

You can be falling, falling, falling and it’s a long way down


When it’s sweet

You see the whole world through her eyes

And every moment is just a wonderful surprise

But when it’s not, you got to be prepared

So be scared my friend!... be very scared!

You better watch out where you put your feet

And make sure that it’s on solid ground

‘Cos when you fall in love it’s a long way down   


© Errol Walsh