Sometimes, sometimes you got to smile

You got to go that extra mile

Even if it’s all in vain


And it hurts, it hurts to carry on

When it feels like every hope is gone

Yeah, it’s gone to hell as far as I can tell

And you, tell me what was I supposed to do                    

You led me such a dance, though I gave you every chance


So long, I guess it's time that I was gone

Seems like there’s nothing left to keep me hanging on

It's gone to hell as far as I can tell


And if it comes to mind

Yeah, and I guess it might from time to time

I hope that I can smile and say, it doesn’t matter anyway


'Cos as far as I can tell

Everything just went to hell

But it’s just the way this crazy world goes round

Like a fairground merry-go-round

One day you’re up... the next you’re down

Everybody acts the clown

Just pick me up on your way down

© Errol Walsh