Downtown ..bright lights..Saturday night

Aces from head to toe

Blue suedes..drape coat....sharper than a cut-throat

Looking like a fashion show


Elvis on the jukebox...polka dots & bobby socks

Jiving to the jailhouse rock

Staying at a motel ..heartbreak hotel playing on the radio

Glory days...glory days

Bring back those glory days


String ties ...Levis..don't you roll those bloodshot eyes

Can't you see they're driving me wild

I was born in the forties..raised up in the fifties

Growing up a rock & roll child


Jerry Lee telling me...everywhere there's going to be

Whole lotta shakin' going on

Peggy Sue whatcha say...buddy that'll be the day

Lordy what a way to go


Glory days....glory days

Remember rock around the clock

Bet you wished they'd never stop

Bring back those glory days


© Errol Walsh