Willie Wilson, Dave Luke, Errol Walsh, Malcolm Hoskins, Steve Simpson 

"Coyotes" came about when I met drummer Willie Wilson (ex Sutherland Brothers and Quiver, Cochise, Al Stewart and Dave Gilmour) and we discovered a mutual interest in song writing and in music in the Americana genre (a rich blend of country, folk and blues)

We recruited old friend and multi-instrumentalist Steve Simpson (gtr/vocals/fiddle/mandolin) along with Malcolm Hoskins (bass),  Dave Luke (gtr/vocals) and augmented at times by Andy "Secret Agent" Cooper (organ/piano) and Bob "Oscar" Loveday on fiddle

Willie and Errol accepting the BMCA award for Best Album

Coyotes went on to win the British Country Music Association "Album of the Year" Award 1997 from a standing start with their eponymous debut album "Coyotes".

Despite this prestigious UK award (voted for by music writers and media critics) Coyotes found no home in the British Country Music club circuit although we played some of the major British country festivals.... we may have been a bit too left field!

The band was more welcome in Scandinavia where we toured several times and played both music clubs and festivals.

This beautiful hand-carved and hand-painted plaque was presented to the band at the Vinstra international country music festival in Norway in appreciation of the band's performance