British Country Music Association Album of the Year 1997

Errol Walsh... Vocals, Elec & acoustic guitars, Percussion

Willie Wilson... Drums, Percussion & vocals

Malcolm Hoskins... Bass

Dave Luke... Electric gtrs & Slide, Acousic gtr, 6 String bass & vocals

Ed Deane.. Acoustic gtr, Lap steel, Slide gtr, Hi-strung gtr & vocals

Andy Cooper..Keyboards

Steve Simpson... Mandolin, Fiddle, Accordian & vocals

Bob Loveday... Fiddle

Engineered by Tom Newman, Andrew Jackson & John Canham

Produced by 'Coyotes'

Cover design by Steve Averill (Averill and Brophy Associates)

Thanks to Dave Gilmour, Phil, Langley and Roger at Astoria Studio, London

Coyotes (CD)

Coyotes (Download)