Chorus #1

Big red rooster makes a lotta noise

Lotta fancy feathers... whole lotta poise

Stands tall just to let you know

Who's the biggest rooster in the barnyard

Life's tough... going gets rough

Things can get a lttle itchy if you can't get enough
Nature's way... it's just nature's way

Everybody got a role to play

I don't wanna be the Mayor... I wanna be the President

And I don't care whose ego gets bent

Some men.... they take it kinda hard

If they ain't the biggest rooster in the barnyard

Chorus #2


Outta my way!... big rooster coming through!

I'm real good-looking and I sure am hard
And I'm the biggest Rooster in the barnyard

Hens cackle... roosters crow

Fox he don't give a sweet damn you know

In Foxy's book it's all for show
'Cos we all taste just the same

Life is simple... sometimes cheap

Way down yonder at the bottom of the heap

Eat, sleep, work and strive

Just trying to stay alive

                               Chorus #1

Nature's red in tooth and claw

Preening and strutting and laying down the law

Might as well pin a target on your back

'Cos the fox gonna bring you down

Gotta wonder why we try so hard

To be so hard core in our own back yaerd
Just one way this story ends

If you ain't the biggest rooster in the barnyard

                                Chorus #2

© Errol Walsh