Music has kept me sane in times of trouble, sometimes got me into (and out of) trouble, inspired me always, taught me a little humility along the way and I'm enormously grateful to every single person who has shared my journey thus far.

I come from the beautiful seaside town of Portstewart, in Northern Ireland, and I travelled widely as a Royal Navy kid
before eventually emigrating to Canada. My mother was a singer who sang in my step-father's band and I cut my teeth on American country music that I heard at home and on the radio. I moved on through R'n'B, Rock'n'Roll, Funk and folk music picking up influences and beginning to bring them together through writing my own songs.

I hope you enjoy some of the results!


Like most musicians there have been numerous bands in the history of my development... too many to  name and enumerate, but here are a few that I would like to acknowledge and thank for their company, their friendship and their musicianship.